Underwriting Edge

We advocate for our clients and negotiate with the insurance carriers for the best underwriting offers possible, because underwriting offers directly affect premium cost.   Unlike other financial assets, the cost of an insurance policy is dependent upon the underlying health of the insured.  The better the offer, the lower the premium.  The key to our negotiation success lies in our experience and deep carrier relationships.

Our approach to underwriting gives our clients an edge. Before the insurance companies review a client’s medical information, we do it first. This way, we can deliver a custom packaged health assessment, appropriately positioning any ailment. This methodology helps ensure that the insurance companies view the health of our clients in the most favorable light possible. Most insurance firms don’t have the infrastructure or experience to deliver this critical step.

We cast a wide net into the insurance marketplace for our clients, reeling in dozens of offers. We pair the most competitive underwriting offer with the ideal product to design the most fitting insurance strategy.  Most insurance firms apply directly to only one insurance carrier and obtain just one offer.