20/20 Insurance Reviews

Our 20/20 Insurance Reviews bring clarity to the performance of an existing life insurance plan. Many affluent families and business owners lack the appropriate guidance and information when it comes to managing their life insurance. Insurance vehicles are dynamic in nature, affected by changes in the financial market landscape, and changes in family circumstances. An insurance policy should be monitored and managed, just like any other asset in a portfolio.

The Heirmark 20/20 Insurance Review educates policyholders and their advisors about an existing life insurance plan. It clearly lays out how each policy works and how it may perform under different interest rate or funding scenarios. The report also includes information regarding the financial strength of each insurance company represented in the life insurance plan. 

Each audit is done on a fee-only basis. This design allows for an experienced, third-party review of an existing life insurance plan without the bias towards replacing a policy with a new, commissionable product.  It’s all about the client, as it should be.