Legislative Alert

On September 13, 2021, Chairman Richard Neal (D-MA) of the House Ways and Means Committee introduced an amendment to the committee’s recommendations, advancing several proposed tax code changes, including changes that may affect established planning with irrevocable grantor trusts.

Heirmark Webinar Series: Maximizing Client Exemptions

Listen to our exclusive planning conversation with Eric Eklund, Esq., Advanced Markets Consultant, M Financial Group. During this recorded webinar session, Eric shares unique planning strategies for affluent and ultra affluent families.

New home for our Cleveland office!

7005 S. Edgerton Road, Suite 101, Cleveland, OH 44141

A LETTER FROM THE CEO: What’s in a Name?

New year. Big change. For over a year now, we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes, undergoing a complete brand overhaul to refine our practice. It has been like shaking a snow globe upside down, turning it right-side up, and watching the snowflakes swirl about. Chaos at first, but then the snowflakes start to come together, and everything seems to fall in just the right place.

M Financial Group Adds Symetra to Its Carrier Platform

M Financial Group and Symetra Life Insurance Company today announced that Symetra has been added to M Financial Group’s carrier platform as an Associate Carrier. Through this relationship, M Financial Member Firms will have direct access to Symetra’s individual life product line, including their Guaranteed Universal Life and Private Placement Variable Corporate-Owned Life Insurance (COLI) products.

Future of Life Settlement Industry “Never Looked Brighter”

The U.S. life settlement industry is well positioned for sustained long-term growth, according to speakers at the Life Insurance Settlement Association’s (LISA)22nd Annual Spring Life Settlement Conference, held over the past two days at the Hilton Palmer House in Chicago.

Offer Success!

To position our clients for underwriting success, we stay ahead of the curve. Before an insurance company reviews the medical profile of one of our clients, we do it first. For each client, our team prepares a confidential health assessment, which we provide to the insurance carriers directly.

Do Your Clients Like Less Work?

A trend worth noting in the life insurance industry today is the shift away from some of the industry’s more invasive underwriting requirements.  While this change certainly isn’t happening overnight, it is starting to provide a little relief for clients.