M Financial Group

Insurance tools used by the general population simply aren’t the best fit for affluent families and business owners. Why? These products are generally overpriced. Statistics prove that affluent buyers generally live longer, buy large amounts of life insurance and keep their policies in force. So shouldn’t they have access to discounted insurance tools that reflect this positive experience? 

Formed in 1978, M Financial Group designs insurance tools that are not available to the general population through an average insurance advisor. These vehicles are built on decades of research, which prove that the buying decisions and lifestyles of business owners and affluent families can and should positively impact product development and pricing.

As a member firm of M Financial Group, Heirmark has exclusive access to proprietary life insurance products, available through a variety of highly rated insurance companies. M member firm sales annually represent over $1 billion in first year life insurance premiums. Some distribution channels, like Northwestern Mutual and New York Life, need thousands of insurance advisors to achieve sales of this magnitude, while M Financial Group needs just a fraction of the advisors to achieve these results. Don't you deserve a cut above the rest?